TBR Associates specializes in custom-tailored consulting services that speed production, reduce costs, save energy, reclaim plant space, promote long-term profitability, and more.

TBR Associates integrates a wide range of consulting services:
  • Strategic planning
  • Process improvement
  • Lean Manufacturing (Certified)
  • Six Sigma (Certified)
  • Supply Chain Management (Certified)
  • Value stream mapping
  • Time studies
  • Key metrics analysis
  • Management team assessment
  • Production, sales and service management training and mentoring
  • Workplace safety audits
  • Haz-Com programs, Lock-Out Tag-Out training, mock OSHA inspections
  • And more
TBR Associates President J.R. Ryan offers a rare combination of success as both a hands-on, textile rental and laundry operator and as a highly regarded consultant to textile service companies, commercial laundries and to a diverse group of manufacturers. A sought-after speaker, Ryan leads a team of veteran associates dedicated to uncovering opportunities, developing ideas and implementing practical solutions that deliver real impact on efficiency, cost savings and growth.

Latest Successes
  • TBR Associates Lean Enterprise implementation reclaims 25,000 square feet and cuts costs 20% while accelerating lead times
  • TBR Associates saves family-operated textile rental company $125,000.00 annually
Talk with J.R. Ryan at 973-809-5349.
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