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Lean Enterprise Accelerates Deliveries, Aids Accuracy And Ensures Inventory Availability For Laundry Product Supplier

Tingue, Brown & Co. Streamlines Operations, Cuts Waste;
What To Do With Extra Space?

Saddle Brook, NJ: Laundry product supplier Tingue, Brown & Co., Saddle Brook, NJ (, has accelerated the speed of its deliveries, increased the accuracy of its order fulfillment and opened production capacity by implementing Lean Enterprise principles at the company’s Peachtree City, Ga. facility. After a year since the program’s launch in the summer of 2009, the company has documented a hefty 14 percent increase in on-time deliveries. Maximizing the use of warehouse space, reconfiguring workspaces, reorganizing inventory and involving everyone on staff in the process were key to the achievements, according to Director of Corporate Operations & Technology Todd Nadler, CPIM, CSCP, CSSBB. To streamline workflow, for example, Nadler and his team transferred the pick and pack department to the shipping area, stored cut and sew materials within the production area and installed racking systems to capitalize on unused vertical space. Inventory was reorganized and racked with complete documentation to promote efficiency, picking accuracy and safety while also triggering reorders to ensure the proper amount of inventory is on hand. As a bonus, the reconfiguration opened thousands of square feet of floor space, permitting the expansion of manufacturing capacity.

“We already had many of the cultural conditions in place that contribute to successful Lean implementation,” says Nadler, a noted Lean Enterprise instructor for APICS—The Association for Operations Management. “Our people have been empowered to take action on behalf of our customers for more than 100 years and we have very few layers of management with a high level of trust and communication, which, taken together, helps explain not only why Lean is succeeding but also why people stay here for 20 and 30 years or more.” Nadler and Purchasing Director Dan Koebel recently began Lean transformation at the company’s Saddle Brook, New Jersey facility. 

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