TBR Associates specializes in custom-tailored consulting services featuring Lean Six Sigma that improve your process, people and company-wide performance to deliver quantifiable results and bottom line returns - guaranteed.*

Typical results include:
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced inventory costs
  • Improved cash flow
  • Added production capacity
  • Improved management team skills
  • Consistent high quality products
  • Safer plant operation
  • Improved morale
  • And more

Typical payback periods span as little as 12 months or less.

The first step focuses on mapping and analyzing the current state of your business from plant operations and equipment to staffing, purchasing, inventory, IT systems and more. We invest time and energy on-site to listen and understand. We don't judge the findings. We help successful owners become more successful. We help struggling owners regain their fire, stay on their feet, and compete.

This TBR signature mapping assessment allows the entire business process to be visualized in a flow diagram the size of a wall mural. From this perspective, we identify production bottlenecks, unnecessary activity and other inefficiencies and isolate points where decisions that directly affect product quality, production rates and other areas are being made. Are the right people making these decisions? Have they been properly trained? Can the chance for error be removed from these decisions, or minimized? Using a variety of metrics based specifically on your business, we measure every key facet of the operation and agree on the benchmarks to be compared later with the future state of your business. This is how we quantify improvements with such exacting precision.

Then, we devise, develop and present a comprehensive program of recommendations. Representing the voice of your customer, these confidential recommendations address the opportunities uncovered in the assessment, providing practical, concrete solutions for reducing waste, unleashing productivity and enhancing the value of your product or service. With agreement on the recommendations, we launch our hands-on implementation program to ensure that everyone gets involved and remains involved, on board and as committed to its success as we are. We remain on-site and/or available to drive and guide the process every step of the way, ensuring the hard work provided up front continues to remain in effect year after year.

It starts with a quick call to J.R. Ryan at 973-809-5349.

*TBR Associates guarantees to meet a quantifiable level of improvement or payback period based on program implementation and metrics agreed upon at program launch. Call J.R. Ryan for details at 973-809-5349.